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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Put It In A Frame

Happy Sunday! I hope y'all are having a fantastic weekend so far. Kyle and I are busy as always, especially on weekends we're both off, but I thought I would share a quick and easy post about some meaningful wall art.

Since Kyle and I put up our photo wall, we've been slowly filling it in. What I love about the wall is that it's so easy to change out and you're not confined to a certain layout. However, I'm still really quite particular about what I put up there. They have to be meaningful things and have some sort of significance to at least one of us. So the filling portion of this project has been quite slow.

(sorry about the shotty lighting, we have north facing windows & a lamp to the right of the wall!)

On our most recent trip down to Mankato, Kyle's Grandma gave us an old-school bank bag. She got the bag when she worked there (before it went through all of the buying and selling to turn it into the bank it is today), and it's also from Kyle's family's hometown, so it definitely has a long history behind it. It's things like that that I love to frame and put on our photo wall. It's got a great look to it too, which is a definite perk!

All of our frames on the wall are from Ikea. They're super cheap, pretty decent quality, and they all have a nice uniform look that works so well together, seeing as how all of the content and the sizes are different. The picture rails are also from Ikea, and are extremely easy to install.

Anywho, grab your frame.

Disassemble that bad-boy. Heads up, you'll probably want to wash the glass. It's from Ikea.

Grab your item. Love it.

I had originally tried it without the matting, but I decided that the matting actually added a lot more to the look of it.

As far as the excess on the item goes, don't worry about it hanging out the back. That's another reason I love the Ikea frames that I bought - they're nice and thick frames, which hide anything that hangs out the back.

The top part WILL NOT be closed on this, but all the other sides will be. Since it's not hanging, it's not a big deal.

There you go. A meaningful item easily framed and displayed! I did the same thing with the tie from Kyle's Grandpa who recently passed, which sits right next to his wife's bank bag :). It's the little things kids.

 Tell me, what's your favorite way of displaying things that are special to you? What have you been doing to fill that big ol' hole in your living room/any other room wall?


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