Hi there! I'm a newly married suburbanite-turned-urbanite, trying to turn our first house (apartment, let's be honest) into our first home, all while trying to make it not look like it's straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. Welcome to the crazy-ness.


About Us

Hi! I'm Jayme, a 20-something wanna-be Martha Stewart who absolutely loves to bake and make just about anything. My husband, Kyle, and I reside in good ol' St Paul, Minnesnowta. We moved into our own little one bedroom apartment just over a year ago, and we're now (finally) starting to make it into a cozy little home.

Why blog? This is just a chronicle of what we're doing around here to keep our families updated and keep ourselves motivated. If we're able to see how far we've come on some things, then hopefully it'll keep us going and finish even more. You'll be hearing from mostly me, but don't worry, Kyle will pop in now and again.

What would be even better than us just using this blog for our own timeline is if y'all would use it as an inspiration for your own life! Whether you find the encouragement to bake a few more treats, repurpose furniture and make it your own, or even just brainstorm som ideas, we're so glad you came and hung out for a while!